If you’re selling a deceased estate, you’re often dealing with a property that does not look ready for sale.

Perhaps the house hasn’t received enough maintenance in recent years. Maybe the garden is overgrown or the plumbing is dodgy or the living room really needs a lick of paint.

There’s also a good chance the house still has rooms filled with furniture and other chattels, which leave it looking cluttered and less attractive to potential buyers than it otherwise might.

If you sell your deceased estate with me, I offer a free styling service to ensure the property looks its absolute best ahead of sale.

Here are some examples of the styling I’ve completed in the past for executors, administrators and vendors.

Let me style your property for sale

It might seem a simple thing to do, but styling a property correctly can help deliver a price premium that might not otherwise have been possible.

I have a real passion for staging and styling interiors and exteriors of all types of properties. In the past, deceased estate properties I have styled have sold very quickly.

If you’re an executor or administrator selling a deceased estate and think it could benefit from a styling service, please get in touch. It’s a complimentary part of my total deceased estates sales package.

Simon Blake-Graham, deceased estates specialist real estate sales representative in Perth, Western Australia, discusses selling a deceased estate in Perth with administrators.

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